A mountain of activities in Val Venosta

For a holiday as nature meant it

What world would it be without seasons? Surely, we would miss the colours of flowering meadows in spring, of alpine landscapes in summer, of foliage in the woods in autumn, of snow-capped mountains in winter. Just as the nuances vary in every period of the year, at the same time there are also different activities you can practice in Val Venosta... and who knows, maybe you will also discover some new passions to cultivate.


When the buds open under the sun, the joy of life and the desire for adventure in nature awaken in us too.


Starting the day at dawn on top of a peak and ending it contemplating the sunset with a cocktail in your hands. This is summer.


Long walks through the silent woods, the taste of roasted chestnuts and new wine: autumn is the season for gourmets. Experience it with us.


When the first snow falls, you are spoiled for choice between skiing on the runs, on the cross-country trails or hiking along the beaten paths.