A renowned design hotel in South Tyrol

When everything is in its place... means that we’ve done our job well. Since the start, we've aimed for harmony between tradition and innovation. Garberhof blends seamlessly with the majestic Alpine scenery, utilizing local materials, artisanal furniture, and natural light to illuminate its spaces. Collaborating with Munich's Lang Hugger Rampp architecture firm, we take pride in the award-winning design for our South Tyrol hotel.

Space for the artists of Val Venosta
What cannot be said with words and gestures... Garberhof we show you through art. In addition to the illustrations and engravings of Paul Flora, originally from Glurns, our walls feature works from artists such as Karl Grasser, Hans Ebensberger, Karl Plattner, Erich, and Christian Stecher. In addition, our rooms are adorned with hand-blown Murano glass lamps and custom-designed copper fixtures by architect Thomas Rampp, adding a unique touch to the ambiance