The silent luxury of our hotel in South Tyrol

For a stylish holiday

Attend to guests during their stay, but leave them space to express themselves freely. Keep up with the times, while always honouring traditions. Present luxurious environments and at the same time enhance the little things. All this is what the philosophy of silent luxury encompasses and what we wish to share with you in our hotel in South Tyrol.

It doesn't take much to be happy
The beauty of simplicity

Quality and discretion are the words that best describe the philosophy of silent luxury. Those who choose to spend a holiday at Garberhof immerse themselves in a realm of tranquillity and multifaceted pleasures. Here, luxury is not only found in environments with refined design and excellent service, but also in simple and intangible things: silence, space to roam, and chasing after dreams.

Open to the world, faithful to our roots
The passion for travel, South Tyrol in the heart

Traveling the world, embracing diverse experiences, and seeing home in a fresh light have always mattered to Klaus, his Cuban wife Yanelys, and their three children. At Garberhof, there's a harmonious blend of global influences and local traditions, all in reverence to nature. This turns a seemingly simple hotel into a haven for connection, renewal, and cherishing every moment.