Your Sustainable Hotel in South Tyrol

Sustainability Together

We approach sustainable work and management comprehensively: combining sociocultural, ecological, and economic aspects into a holistic approach. We place great importance on guests, hosts, producers, and consumers working together actively.


Our lifeblood, water, is particularly scarce and expensive in Vinschgau. To avoid waste and transport energy and to provide a resource-friendly service, we fill our water into glass bottles that are washed and refilled. These bottles can also be purchased at the reception as souvenirs or for hiking.

To save water, our guests can decide how often they want their towels replaced.


Water is not only essential for our existence but also a reliable energy source in Vinschgau. We are supplied by VION with 100% energy from renewable local sources, such as the Puni hydroelectric plant in Planeil. Additionally, we generate our own energy through solar panels on our hotel roofs.

For careful use of valuable energy, we ask our guests to ventilate briefly in winter and use lighting appropriately.


A hotel is constantly evolving. During our renovations, we focus on sustainability. We place great importance on using building materials that are local, natural, easy to maintain, and recyclable. We primarily work with local companies. Only through strong cohesion can efficient processes and the highest quality be achieved according to our principle: pure, natural, carefully crafted.




With our strong network of regional food producers, we maintain an active exchange about production, transport, and quality. Our chefs carefully select what goes on your plate. This approach strengthens local and regional economic cycles, producer chains, and value creation. By managing resources wisely, we reduce transport distances and packaging emissions.

Together with our guests, we aim to respect and appreciate the raw materials and food we use.

Some of our regional partners:
  • Vegetables from Gollimorkt in Mals
  • Cheese from Kasbauer in Muntetschinig
  • Spirits from Distillerie Secci in Mals
  • Juice from Mosterei Anstein in Schluderns
  • Wine from Calvenschlössl in Laatsch
  • Jam from Alpe Pragas in Prags
  • Hydropower from Planeil and Schlinig
  • Geothermal energy from Vion
  • Solar energy from our hotel rooftop