Our 4-star S hotel in Val Venosta

Unique and incomparable units

In our 4-star superior hotel nestled in Val Venosta, comfort reigns supreme in all our rooms, suites, and chalets. Each space is meticulously designed to ensure you feel completely at ease, with a touch of individuality in every corner. Don't be surprised if you find it hard to leave the embrace of our soft beds or if you can’t take your eyes off the breathtaking panorama from your balcony.

Chalet Hortus
approx. 100 m² + 30 m² terrace

Like a shining star

Bella Vista Suite
approx. 58 m² + 30 m² terrace

You can never forget someone like her

Wellness Suite
approx. 56 m² + 16 m² terrace

An enchanting beauty

Laguna Suite
approx. 60 m² + 30 m² terrace

Face to face with Mother Nature

Double room Laguna
approx. 40 m² + 16 m² terrace

A luminous pond-view room

Vinum Suite
approx. 40 m² + 10 m² balcony

Elegant and seductive

Alpin Suite
approx. 60 m² + 10 m² balcony

For mountain lovers

Double room Alpin
approx. 40 m² + 10 m² balcony

Your own alpine world

Double room Venustas
approx. 40 m² + 10 m² balcony

A panorama that cheers the soul

Studio Maletum
approx. 55 m² + 20 m² balcony

The joy of sharing

Double room Maletum
approx. 38 m² + 10 m² balcony

Functionality, space and a view of Malles