Our hotel in Val Venosta with swimming pool

What is the fundamental element for life?

Water! It is the most precious asset, even at Garberhof. In fact, it is the element that lets the hotel garden to grow lush and allow wonderful flowers to bloom. Towards the end of 2022, we wanted to pay water a further homage, creating the organic pond, as an extension of the internal and external swimming pool. It is characterized by a platform made of local pine wood and aquatic plants, fitting harmoniously into the surrounding natural context.

The swimming pool and the pond
A dive into the blue

In winter, soak in the heated outdoor pool, whose evaporating mist gives the impression of being in a thermal spring. In summer, there is nothing better than walking along the natural wooden walkway of the organic pond and immersing yourself in its velvety and sustainably purified waters, thanks to a gravel filter.

Peace of mind is tinged with green
In the garden of happiness

It's seven in the morning. On the grass, tickling your bare feet, there are drops of dew. The birds are chirping. The sun slowly rises from behind the high mountains, tinging the clouds on the horizon a glorious pink. You walk serenely in the garden, passing the placid organic pond, the still dormant flowers, the vines that the owner Klaus planted a few years ago... and you feel pervaded by a profound sense of bliss and joy in being able to devote a new day to Val Venosta.