Massages at Garberhof

In good hands

Do you have a feeling of tension or exhaustion? Then treat yourself to a regenerating massage and recharge with new energy.

Garberhof's apricot aroma massage "Prunus Armeniaca"

Relaxing massage that has a calming effect on the physical and mental level. The scent of selected aroma oils and the gentle massage technique touch holistically. A multi-sensory application that balances your muscles and appeals to the soul.

  • Full body massage 50 min. - € 75
  • Partial massage 25 min. - € 50
Stone pine massage with stone pine set & stone pine oil

Let yourself be enveloped by the scent of the Swiss stone pine. Stimulates the circulation and strengthens the general well-being.

  • 50 min. - € 80
Grape seed oil massage

This massage uses high-quality grape seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants and nourishing substances. Dry and stressed skin is soothed and pampered in a gentle way.

  • 50 min. - € 80
Garberhof's feel-good massage

A soothing head, neck and foot massage that offers comprehensive relaxation.

  • 50 min. - € 75
Plantar reflexology massage

It allows you to activate and harmonize the whole organism through the feet.

  • 50 min. - € 75
Head-neck massage

A particularly relaxing massage,which helps to ease tensions in the area of the head and the nape of the neck.

  • 20 min. - € 50
Draining massage

This delicate massage reactivates the lymphatic circulation, promoting deep purification.

  • Complete 50 min. - € 75
  • Partial 25 min. - € 50
Intensive back massage - Johannes Salchenegger method

Exclusive treatment that combines elements of the forearm, cupping and trigger point massage.

  • 50 min. - € 85
Face massage

It offers intense relaxation and new freshness.

  • 20 min. - € 50
Wellness for the back


Restorative massage
Treatment with natural active ingredients. The techniques with Tibetan bells and cupping loosen the tension of the back muscles and improve the dynamics of the spine. Ideal to get rid of tension and tightness.

  • 50 min. - € 85
Trekking & bike massage

After a day of hiking or cycling, this massage uses mint oil and leg gel to restore strength and vitality to tired legs and a strained back.

  • 50 min. - € 80
Hot stone massage


Massage with basalt stones for deep relaxation
Stimulates the lymphatic system and detoxification of the body, influencing the energy centres with pleasantly warm basalt stones. Enjoy the extraordinary feeling of warmth and the fragrance of aromatic oils.

  • 60 min. + 10 min. of rest - € 115
Massage with tibetan bells

The Tibetan bells, resting on the body, produce oscillations able to penetrate the tissues and dissolve all tension, re-establishing the inner harmony.

  • 50 min. - € 75