Special treatments

Exceptionally relaxing

From painful tension to sports injuries to a simple cold, our special treatments cure every ailment, providing immediate relief.

Trigger point treatment with moxa sticks

Muscle tension is dissolved by the treatment of trigger points, in a targeted and in-depth manner. The application of heat through the moxa sticks allows acceleration of this process.

  • 50 min. - € 85
Goodbye, common cold

Do you feel a cold coming? Our special treatment methods help your body defend itself.
The targeted application of heat with moxa sticks allows freeing of mucus from the paranasal and frontal sinuses. Through the subsequent draining massage, release through the body is accelerated.

  • 50 min. - € 85
Treatment with auricular candles

Thanks to the chimney effect of the earplugs, natural wax, dust and dirt are eliminated naturally. Through the movements of the flame, vibrations are produced that have a relaxing effect.

  • 20 min. - € 35
Kinesio taping

Pain therapy without drugs.

  • Variable duration - from € 25
Ohia treatment

Suitable for back pain, lumbago, whiplash and sports injuries. Leg length discrepancies, pelvic and spinal blockages area by this gentle treatment method. Kineso-Taping, moxa sticks or cupping glasses are used as required.

  • 50 min. - € 90