Hamam Packages


Scent of the Orient

  • Purification ritual in the Hamam
  • We start pampering you immediately with a peeling based on sea salt and Argan oil. It follows a massage with warm oil, a source of harmony for body and spirit. The aroma will accompany you throughout the day. Rose and sandalwood, verbena or amber and musk: choose your favourite fragrance!


approx. 45 min. - € 70

Voyage to Marrakech

  • Purification ritual in the Hamam
  • The traditional Moroccan ritual begins with jets of hot water that are directed on you to offer you a feeling of absolute relaxation. Black olive oil soap with eucalyptus is applied to the whole body. The treatment continues with a face mask based on Argan oil and natural minerals, a prelude to the oriental peeling massage. The "journey" ends with the application of Argan oil and the scent you have chosen.


approx. 75 min. + 5 min. of rest - € 145

Sultan deluxe

  • Purification ritual in the Hamam
  • Body peeling, soap suds massage and head massage


approx. 45 min. - € 70

Pascià deluxe

  • Purification ritual in the Hamam
  • Body peeling, complete massage with soap suds and water jets, face and head massage, warm oil application


approx.75 min. - € 90

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