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The rite of purification

Humid area
The rite of purification (about 60 to 120 minutes)


Herbal steam area | 10 - 15 min. | Temperature: 42 ° C Humidity: 60% | Here, you will slowly get used to the high temperature and humidity. Herbal steam will open the pores of your skin.


Peeling area | 5 - 10 min. | With the Kese (peeling glove), a thin soap patina is applied on the skin. Then, the body is rubbed from the bottom up with the wet Kese and the soap suds are rinsed deeply with the hot water of the Kurna (glass tub).


Gold Bath | 15 - 20 min. | Water temperature: 36 ° C Immersing yourself, you can harmonize the circulation.


Hot stone bench | 15 - 20 min. | The place of rest after each purification path.


Hot-air herbal zone 10 - 15 min. | Temperature: 45 ° C Humidity: 100% | Hot steam purifies and detoxifies the body, perfectly preparing the skin for the next ritual of purification.


Dry area - CAMEKAN

In the Camekan, you will experience pure relaxation, Samowar tea and other Oriental delights. About 30 min. The Camekan is open until 7:00 pm.

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