Health and beauty wraps

Towards deeper relaxation

Thalgo - cool leg wrap

This treatment offers a pleasant feeling of lightness to the lower limbs. Cool wraps, soaked in an algae camphor and menthol solution, aid fat consumption. Ideal for varicose veins, tired, heavy legs or swelling.

€ 50

We recommend that you combine the different wraps with a draining massage (wrap plus massage: €?)

Thalgo - algae wrap +

For this wrap, pure algae are used, to stimulate the metabolism and activate a purifying and detoxifying process.

€ 50

Body wrap with Fango +

It stimulates circulation and has a beneficial effect on rheumatic pain, as well as muscle tension.

€ 50

Traditional hay bath of south tyrol - regenerating

Moist and mild hay has a relaxing and revitalizing effect on the muscles. The soothing warmth of the hay wrap and the aromas released activate the metabolism and purify the body.

€ 50

Arnica and St. John's wort wrap - revitalizing*

This healthy wrap gives new vitality to tired muscles and muscles. The complex of active arnica and St. John’s wort reduces stress and dissolves tension.

€ 50 

New: grape seed wrap - anti age*

This vitamin cocktail protects against oxidative stress and takes care of the skin in a particularly effective way.

€ 50

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