Expectant mums and babies

Unforgettable moments of joy

Internal harmony is important, especially during pregnancy and childhood. At Garberhof, we pamper future moms and our littlest guests with special treatments.

For kids: New: baby health

Harmonizing the body is already important in the very first years of life, to promote proper physical development. Through a targeted check of the difference in length of the lower limbs, pelvis and spine, children can receive immediate benefits. For small guests up to 5 years of age.

about 25 min. € 35,-

For kids: Manicure and pedicure with nail varnish

For kids: Pedicure with nail varnish

Effervescent pedicure, nail filing, nail varnish and foot massage.

about 30 min. - € 23

For kids: Manicure with nail varnish

Filing, nail polish and hand massage.

about 30 min. - € 23

For kids: Relaxation massage

Complete massage with warm orange oil.

about 25 min. - € 35

Beautiful mum

The exclusive technique of kinesio taping helps relieve unnecessary pains of future mothers through the targeted application of an adhesive tape. The connective tissue also benefits from this treatment.

From € 20 (depending on the number of applications) - approx. 25 min.

Beautiful expectant mum

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Basic facial treatment (90 min.)
  • Pleasant lightness (leg algae wrap)

€ 200

Velvety caress

A warm wrap transmits a feeling of total well-being to the skin. The tissues are strengthened, nourished and toned.

about 45 min. - € 56

Pleasant Lightness

The algae leg wrap purifies, adds minerals and moisturizes, enriching with vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts. It also eliminates fluid stagnation in a targeted manner.

about 45 min. - € 55,-

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