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For us, true luxury is being close to nature.

Our mission

Free to express yourself

Do you want to be awakened by the lovely chirping of birds, open your eyes and look into a landscape of charm, where the colours of the valley blend into the snowy mountain peaks? Then Garberhof is the place of your dreams.


Here in Malles, you will experience the feeling of being in the Garden of Eden. Surrounded by a 6000 m² park, which envelops the hotel in a sweet embrace, you can watch bees flying over the lawn, inhale the scent of colourful flowers and whisper sweet nothings to a special someone in hidden corners. Our oasis surrounded by greenery pays homage to luxury, which we interpret as being close to nature.


The warm hospitality we offer you is also authentic, just like the surrounding scenery. Our intent is to elevate tradition, enhancing it with innovative elements. As we all know, change is part of the normal course of events. Only in this way can we provide you with a unique holiday experience that can fill your heart with wonder.

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