Exclusive experiences in our hotel in Malles Venosta

Garberhof: an oasis immersed in nature

Surrounded by sunny orchards, our hotel in Malles Val Venosta merges with the scenic beauty of South Tyrol. Vibrant shades, harmonious contrasts and inebriating scents envelop this small corner of paradise, where time loses importance and all that truly matters is living in the moment with mindfulness. To this, add unsurpassed comfort and a "silent luxury", which does not reside in superficial aspects but in the ability to fully express yourself during your holiday. We have created an oasis of tranquillity where you will find the ideal conditions to experience a feeling of total freedom.


Each and every day, we are happy to share the beauty and authenticity of the area with special people like you, able to appreciate the authenticity and exclusivity.


Come visit us, fill Garberhof with life and make unforgettable memories that you will keep forever.

In your heart.

The Pobitzer family

Skizze Garberhof

Experiences at the Garberhof

From tradition to innovation


From tradition to innovation

Architecture and Art

"Inspired by the natural and cultural landscape of the Upper Val Venosta, Garberhof is reinvented, while integrating elements of architecture that reflect its traditions and history."
Thomas Rampp, Architect

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In and around the Garberhof


Exclusive packages for your holiday in South Tyrol

Value Weeks 2019

It pays to stay!

From 4 overnights: 1 night free

From 7 overnights 2 nights free



02.04 – 05.08.2019 / 19.08 – 04.11.2019

Are you looking for a good reason to enjoy your holiday pleasure a bit longer? We have created the perfect offer for you! If you book at least 4 nights, you will receive 1 night free and starting from 8 overnight stays the benefit doubles. It pays to stay!


from € 456 p.p. for 4 nights in a double room Maletum (north side)
from € 760 p.p. for 7 nights in a double room Maletum (north side)

Garberhof moments

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