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Lounge Bar 1981

Pleasure has found its home

At the end of an exciting day of vacation, wind down in the stylish 1981 lounge bar, the ideal setting for a relaxing break in good company, tasting top quality local wines or renowned Italian and international varieties.


The owner Klaus Pobitzer is also a sommelier and barman with a special passion: gin. He is the expert at Garberhof and the preparation of his Gin Mare is a real show.


When he lightly smokes the glass with lemon and fresh rosemary from his herb garden, you can see how the essential oils adhere to the glass before they mix with the distillate, offering a truly unique touch. A must-try!

Gin à la Klaus Pobitzer

Gin Mare, Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, rosemary & lemon: Smoke the glass with rosemary and lemon. Add ice cubes, a few juniper berries, a piece of lemon and a twig of rosemary. Slowly pour the Gin Mare in the glass and add Tonic Water.


Gin à la Klaus Wunderer

Gin Sanct Amandus from the Unterthurner distillery, Erasmus Bond Classic Tonic from Belgium & raspberries: Take a Burgundy wine glass and fill it with 4 to 5 ice cubes. Add a slice of orange, juniper berries, dried raspberries and a little rosemary. Now add Gin Sanct Amandus and infuse with Erasmus Bond Tonic.

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