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The history of Garberhof

A little leap back in time

Who knows what grandfather Josef Pobitzer would say if he could see Garberhof today...

He probably would not believe his eyes. Where once there was a square and a wide lawn, there is a state-of-the-art Superior 4-star hotel. Surely, he would be proud to know that the structure has always been in the hands of the family. Ever since 1981, when his son Artur and wife Cilly realized the dream of building a hotel, welcoming their first guests on August 8th.

Meanwhile, the management of the hotel has passed on to Klaus Pobitzer, who has been involved in the family business since its inception and, as a chef, was able to confer an exclusive character on Garberhof's cuisine. Under his guidance, there were many firsts, starting with the wellness area that was developed and expanded, with the construction of a completely new wing. Later, in 2009, the largest hotel hamam in the nation was created, while in 2010 all rooms were renovated. Five years later, the Pobitzer restaurant and the 1981 lounge bar were built. Thanks to its openness to innovation, the Malles Venosta hotel shows its new splendour in 2017, but without sacrificing a deep bond with tradition.


The Pobitzer family

Still today, the family is central to Garberhof. Cilly Pobitzer, with her exquisite genius, coordinates the service, while her husband Artur deals with technical and administrative issues. Son Klaus has developed a great versatility, a characteristic feature of the hospitality sector, and since 2002 has taken over the management of the hotel. Next to him is his wife Yanelys, who enthusiastically contributes to hotel life. Her Cuban roots add a special touch to the hotel, bringing music, colour, happiness and joy of life.

Their son, Felix, born in 2017, will write another chapter in Garberhof's story...

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