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Goodbye, love handles!


Garberhof uses the innovative CoolShaping™ system, a cryolipolysis device that can permanently reduce fat deposits.

The non-invasive procedure utilizes a localized cold effect on certain parts of the body without damaging the surrounding skin or tissues. This technique is based on US scientific studies that fat cells react more sensibly to lower temperatures than other tissues. Therefore, cooling allows the progressive elimination of fat cells.


3 good reasons for Coolshaping

Reduced treatment times

Maximum results

Effective results on most body areas


A wand vacuums the fat tissues to be treated into an empty space between two refrigerating panels. In this way, unsightly fat deposits can be monitored and cooled at a temperature of 3-4 ° C. One treatment lasts 60 minutes.

For each treatment area, two to three sessions in a one-month period are required. Depending on the extent of the adipose tissue to be treated and the desired result, additional sessions can be performed. The procedure is painless and only causes an intense cold-sensation.


  • 1 session € 250,00
  • from 3 sessions € 220,00
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