Emperor's baths

Romantic moments for couples

New: hay and juniper bath

Pure essential oils and alpine active ingredients revitalize and relax the body. It will be like diving into a lovely mountain lake...

2 people - € 45

Cleopatra bath

This beauty bath with milk is a godsend for the skin and body thanks to the richness of minerals.

2 people - € 45

Rose bath

Thanks to the perfume of rose buds and sunflower oil (jojoba oil), this sensual bath creates a stimulating sensation for the body, spirit and soul.

2 people - € 45

Blue lagoon bath

The extract of water lilies is soothing, moisturizing and invigorating. Essential oils, vitamins and flavonoids stimulate microcirculation and strengthen the capillary walls.

2 people - € 45

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