Massage at Garberhof

In good hands

Do you feel a sense of tension or exhaustion? Treat yourself to a regenerating massage and recharge with renewed energy.

New: massage with stone pine

Immerse yourself in the aroma of stone pine. This natural material harmonizes the circulation and transmits a feeling of deep well-being.

About 45 min. - € 60,-


This complete treatment with hot stones will give you an extraordinary sensory experience, activate the energy flow and offer you a feeling of deep relaxation.

About 60 min. - € 90

New: Hay massage

On a stimulating hay bed, you will enjoy a pleasant full body massage with warm alpine herbs. Tip: To take care of your well-being at home, we suggest a product from Vitalis Dr. Joseph: the pillow with hay flowers coming from South Tyrol's meadows.

About 45 min. - € 60,-

Massage with tibetan bells

Because of excessive stress, the body’s muscles contract. In this massage, Tibetan bells rest on the body, producing oscillations that can penetrate the tissues and dissolve any tension, restoring inner harmony.

About 45 min. - € 60

Neu: Honey massage

This intensive honey treatment dissolves tension, activates the circulation and purifies, offering a sense of deep well-being to the skin. The skin and the connective tissue relax deep-down. The effects are immediate.

About 50 min. - € 60,-

Intensive back massage according to Johannes Salchenegger

This special treatment combines technical elements of the forearm, cupping and trigger point massage.

About 45 min. - € 60

Sports massage

Ideal for regenerating and relaxing after sports. The treatment focuses on specific muscle groups.

Full (approx. 45 min.) - € 60

Partial (about 25 min.) - € 45

Hike and bike massage

It offers new vitality to tired legs and back after a hike or bike tour.

About 45 min. - € 60

Facial massage

This massage offers deep relaxation and new freshness.

About 20 min. - € 38

Draining Massage

This delicate massage stimulates lymphatic circulation, ensuring a deep purification.

Vitalis Massage Resonanz Dorsalis wellness for the back

The treatment, followed by a classic partial massage, relaxes the muscles of the back with the aid of suction cups, an ointment of arnica and St. John’s wort, hot compresses and Tibetan bells.

About 45 min. - € 66

Head-neck massage

A particularly relaxing massage, which helps to relieve tension in the head and neck area.

About 20 min. - € 38,-

Reflexology Massage

This treatment allows you to activate and harmonize the entire body through the soles of your feet.

About 45 min. - € 60

Classic Massage

One of the oldest forms of treatment. A godsend for body and soul.

Full (about 45 min.) - € 60,-

Partial (about 25 min.) - € 42,-

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