Special treatments

Trigger point treatment with moxa sticks

By treating trigger points, muscular tension is relieved deeply. The application of heat through the moxa sticks accelerates the process.

25 Min. - € 40,-

50 Min. - € 60,-



Is there a new cold wave? Our special treatment methods will help your body defend itself. The targeted application of heat with moxa sticks allows a release of mucus from the paranasal and frontal sinuses. A manual draining technique speeds up the flow through the body.

25 Min. - € 40,-

50 Min. - € 60,-



Thanks to the chimney effect of ear candles, it eliminates wax, dust and dirt naturally. Through the movements of the flame, vibrations are produced that have a relaxing effect.

20 min. - € 30,- 

Kinesio Taping

Pain therapy without drugs.

From € 20,-

Ohia Treatment

This treatment is particularly suitable for chronic and acute back pain, back pain, whiplash and sports injuries. Through a delicate technique, it allows alignment of the lower limbs, hips and spine. Depending on needs, kinesio taping, moxa sticks or cupping can be used. During the first 75 min. treatment, a detailed interview will also take place.

€ 95,-

Any further treatment lasts about 45 min. € 70,-  

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